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My website and web storage as the photographer and 1st mate of the ORV Alguita. As well as the Algalita Marine Research Foundation (AMRF)

Santa Rosaliita, Baja California

About me and the site:

I began working with the Alguita before graduating from the University of Hawaii Hilo in fall graduating class of 07. Since returning home from Hawaii to California during our 34 day winter gyre trip I have been functioning as 1st mate of the boat during a variety of research activities since early 2008.

Alguita in baja california



A big part of the pleasure in the work we do are the unique and remote habitats we get to visit, being able to take pictures along the way is even better. Most of the work featured here currently and in the near future will be nature photographs of photos of plastic pollution related to the research being conducted.

The ability to be in the right place at the right time and creative use of the limited equipment and non optimal conditions typically provided by a small ocean going research vessel have landed my photos in a number of publications, including: Discover, National Geographic Explorer, Plastic Soup, WEND, dozens of news stories for both network and cable TV, As well as several European papers.

This websites intention is to make sharing media with colleagues, the press, and friends easier for all parties involved. If you see something here you would like to use as part of a news story or documentary, please contact me at my email Most things related to AMRF projects will be provided free of charge. I can also provide more detailed captions and help accommodate special requests.

Finally anyone interested in prints (mounted or un-mounted) or in purchasing a high resolution digital image please drop me a line for a custom quote.


I am also a contributing writer on the ORV Alguita blog which we maintain most of the time when underway on anything interesting.

Holly Gray our vessel coardinator also maintains another more primary education oriented blog which just got a new grant! So check it out.

Expect to see something that wasnt here? email me at